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Stephanie knows how to interact with animals to get the shots she needs. She took some lovely close-up shots of Rosie, which showcase the features of her adorable face against the colorful backdrop. I could not be happier with the quality of her work, her professionalism, and affordable prices.

Frodo & Kelly

Stephanie met us and our two dogs at their favorite park and took great care to get photos of them individually and together in both portrat style and showing their natural behavior.  Stephanie set up a variety of fetching patterns and camera angles to catch our little athletes in action!  The end result was a huge variety of high quality photographs capturing our pups' personalities.  Dogs' lives are tragically short and when they leave us the casual little photos on your phone won't suffice.  You'll want high quality photographs that show their souls...Stephanie can make that happen.


Stephanie has the patience of Mother Teresa and a knack for setting up the perfect shots to capture the beauty and personality of your pets in an image.  The photographs she takes of you and your pet(s) together are even more incredible-I don't know how she does it, but her images communicate and encapsulate the love you and your pet share.  I recommend her to everyone!


Stephanie took beautiful photos of my two dogs in the Texas Bluebonnets as well as downtown with the Austin skyline in the background.  The variety of photos was perfect for creating wall art that I can enjoy every day.


Finch is an ornery, 20-year-old feline but Stephanie had a calm and reassuring approach. She took her time with the kitties and interacted using toys, cat nip, and some colorful paper, which resulted in some fabulous portraits. A striking 48X48 photo canvas print of Finch now hangs above our fireplace. We get tons of compliments from friends and family!

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