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    meet tabby & Chow

    My photography inspiration and my daily partners in crime 


    -Ted is a box-loving, shoelace-chasing ball of love that brings a smile to my face with every meow and headbutt of affection.  He has a strange obsession with smelling Bears''s pretty adorable...and weird...and I love it.-


    -Bear is my fun loving snuggle companion.  He never got the memo that he is a Retriever, grunts like a pig, and his paw hair grows inexplicably fast.  I love those big brown eyes when he gently puts his head on my knee for some head pets.-

    My Inspiration

    The pets that make my house a home are my inquisitive cat Ted (Tabby) and my lovable dog Bear (Chow). These adorable faces inspired me to pursue photographing the special bond we all share with our pets. They are personally responsible for my clothes constantly being covered in orange fur, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  My life is more complete with them in it, and I know you feel the same way.

    I lost my sweet best friend Ted in April, 2017 to an aggressive skin cancer.  There isn't a minute in each day that I don't miss him, but I feel so thankful to have so many photographs to keep his memory alive.

    Tabby & Chow Muggin' for the Camera

    Just a few of my favorite photographs of Bear and Ted

    Hi! I'm Stephanie, animal lover and pet photographer at Tabby & Chow Photography.  Animals have always been my favorite photography subjects...those bright eyes, energetic expressions, pink tongues, wet noses, and kind souls.  I've been known to sqqquuueeeee and awwww in the presence of fur babies young and old, and to be able to photograph you and your beloved best friends is truly a gift. 

    Some fun tidbits:

    • ​My first camera was my grandfather's film camera that I started using at 13 years old.

    • I grew up on Bainbridge Island, WA with 2 German Shepherds, MANY cats, a few rabbits, and a pot belly pig.

    • I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, but it is much more fun photographing puppies than cells!

    • You could say I have a Target obsession...I could wander around that store for hours!

    • I've lived in Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas...but my heart has always been in the Pacific Northwest.

    • Game of Thrones information takes up at least 80% of my brain :).

    • Bear and Ted are the loves of my life.

    Meet Stephanie

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